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Professional, quality plumbing  repair and installation


Bathroom Plumbing

Shower faucet installation
Lavatory faucet installation
Tub drain
Tub faucet repair
Toilet repair
P-trap replacement
Pop up assembly

Kitchen Plumbing

Dishwasher installation
Garbage disposals
Faucet installs and repairs
Basket strainers
Ice maker line
Under sink water stop valves
Water supply lines

Plumbing Repairs

Water heaters
Pipe leak repairs
Pressure regulator valves
Shut off valves
Thermal expansion Tanks
Outside faucets
Washing machine valves

Plumbing Services

Offer a wide variety of residential and some commercial plumbing services in Lawrenceville and Gwinnett county area.

If your water bill is higher than usual, we can check certain things to find the leak. Whether you have small simple faucet leak repair or a full bathroom remodeling project. Perhaps you need to replace the shower valve or move the plumbing to the other side of the room. Repair any plumbing leak inside the house or on the main water line from the meter.

Installation of gas and electric water heaters. Water heater life span on average is about 12 years. When water heater leaks it can be a lot of damage and extra costs. You can avoid the headache by preventative maintenance and replace the water heater if it is over 12 years old.

When your toilet fills the tank non stop, water is being wasted. It can be fixed with a simple tank rebuild. Another reason for water being wasted, could be that your toilet is an older style toilet and it has a 3.5 gallon tank. New toilets are 1.26 gallons per flush. The technology is better then when low flow toilets first came out and flushing is strong but water saving at the same time.